About Me


Well some of you will laugh on this picture …
But actually it is not for laughing ..
I want to tell you that this stupid picture was my first drawn picture i ever did when i was child
Who learned me ?……? Sure i did not do it by myself ..
My MOMπŸ’•
When i was 4-5 years old πŸ˜„ when i said mom please draw for me my mom always was drawing this for me this girl and i tried to draw it again some time i cry and i shake a paper because i was not draw like here πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
And until now i cant draw like here it just like her she draw it better 😺😺 by this simple picture my hand now can draw great things because it was such a practice for my hand from childhood … well if someone ask me how can i draw just like you and will not say you cant and leave it or i will not draw something in front of his eyes , no this is not teaching , i will just say: start from the little simple things until your hand get to drawing shape 😺😺
Maybe i will take you so long time but in the end you will get your gift and your gift is a talent 😺😺 and do not care if the thing you draw it is not just like the original picture be happy because you are near from drawing it exactly just like what you wanted 😺😺
This actually the same for everything you want to do not just for drawing 😺😺 i have friends and they have big dreams that they want to make it come true 😺😺 you can do it 😺😺 you just have to start from the little things , and do not care about people who laugh because someday will come and you will laugh on them and say (( look , i am who i am now just because of that thing that you laughed on )) 😺😺 when i was drawing this ( duck , chicken , bird ) whatever it is because i do not know till now what is it My mom didn’t gave me that information .. so many people was laughing 😺😺 and they was acting like ( oh wow it is beautiful ), these people made me go on with drawing .. but some of them was laughing so hard and they was say what is this 😺😺 well, now the same people ask me to draw them 😺😺
.No matter from what you will start your journey
Or what they say about what you are doing 😊
All what matters is your result in the end 😊
Because with every step you take .. something bigger become stupid in your eyes , and you will finish that stupid thing and level up yourself 😊
You just have to believe in what you are doing 😺😺
You believe in what you are doing ??
It is your life ??
It is your dreams and your journey ??
So start it by your Rules 😁
live for your self not for people πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰